8 Best Blog Hosting Sites for Writers

8 Best Blog Hosting Sites for Writers

Everybody wants to have a personal blog. It can be a company or an individual person. Hence, owning a personal blog is an excellent decision for your business. However, it helps your company generate traffic and drive conversion. Therefore, the core purpose of creating a blog is to provide an original and authentic piece of information to the readers. It significantly inspires readers to read a blog and increase their knowledge and wisdom.

Hence, the blog is an excellent source of information for readers. Therefore, it lets them be aware of the current industry trends and brings the newest updates for customers. However, creating a blog is easy but finding credible hosting service providers and hosting a blog is quite challenging.

Consequently, it connects your blog to a local server for storing the data and receiving a robust backup recovery. However, due to the abundance of blogging platforms in the market, it seems really difficult to choose the right one. Hence, blogging is good for beginners to launch and introduce their free-of-cost website in the market.

For the advanced level of blogging, customization is the best option. However, it needs a lot of coding and programming to customize the design, shape, layout, and navigation of the blog. Therefore, businesses can make it according to the increasing demand for their customers.

Following are the best hosting service providers for writers:

Medium for Blog Hosting

Medium is a popular online community platform worldwide. It is an ultimate global resource for writing and publishing new blog posts for readers. However, writers have sufficient yet ample choices of producing the most original and remarkable blog content for the niche target audience. Therefore, it allows writers to explore more and discover new topics for writing.

Significantly, Medium is the best choice for customers to increase their brand traffic and boost their value of lead conversion. Hence, conversion is the final decision for businesses to grab a solid attraction to the customers. However, it gives a powerful appeal to the audience and captures their noticeable attention.

WordPress for Blog Hosting

It is a world-leading blogging medium for everyone. WordPress is the ideal blog hosting platform for businesses to create a free-of-cost blog and add a dynamic yet actionable presence to them. Every company wants to own a WordPress blog. It is due to its exceptional features that provide tremendous results to all sizes of businesses.

WordPress is the best blog hosting platform based on CMS. It is a content management system that manages and organizes the content for the readers. Many leading companies use WordPress CMS for improving their blog presence. It does not need difficult coding skills and offers easy-to-use drag and drop theme templates for the customers.

Tumblr for Blog Hosting

Tumblr is the most famous social media blogging website. It is known for its microblogging features that make it simple and originality of content and design. The microblogging social website allows users to create short-form post content and share them with readers worldwide.

It displays a colorful and beautiful visual presence to attract global customers around the world. The popularity of Tumblr blogging is increasing among the younger audience, especially in the teenage generation. They regularly follow this blogging platform and share their posts with their family, friends, and loved ones.

LinkedIn for Blog Hosting

LinkedIn is a professional social media website designed for a corporate business community. It is the leading platform that allows all sizes of companies to get to know each other.

Organizations communicate and interact together digitally regardless of their niche industry or a field of profession. Any company can share news updates and share the latest corporate information with the readers. It builds stronger and long-term reliable business relationships with each other.

Blogger for Blog Hosting

Everyone knows bloggers. It is a famous blog hosting platform for casual individuals and allows anyone to build a personal blog. Anybody can build a blog and make his/her dream come true.

It promotes the passion for blogging among customers. People use this platform to make a blog and create multiple posts to share with anyone. It is a free-of-cost platform that allows people to expand their audience reach. Blogger provides them a wealth of knowledge and quality information to readers.

Wix for Blog Hosting

Everyone wants to build a website. Website is crucial for any kind of business regardless of its size and volume. Wix makes it easier for businesses to build a website. It uses a simple yet straightforward way of utilizing a drag and drop template. You can select a free template of your choice and drag it to drop it on your website.

It takes no time in building a website like this. Wix uses a little bit of coding for custom-built websites. Customizing a website is not an easy task and always requires coding for businesses. It enhances the UX design and improves a seamless flow of navigation for customers. You can add more pages to your website and customize them according to your choice of requirements.

HubSpot for Blog Hosting

It is a powerful, flexible, and customizable website builder for small, mid-sized, and large-scale enterprises. HubSpot uses both CMS and CRM platforms to customize a content management system for businesses.

It offers robust customer relationship management tools to businesses to manage their long-term and reliable connections with customers. Many organizations now adopt a customer-centric approach to think and feel like an ordinary customer. They use HubSpot to find ease in all marketing activities such as email newsletters and lead generation.

Contently for Blog Hosting

It is an excellent blog hosting platform for content marketing. Businesses use this platform to produce original quality content and build a robust strategy for their organization. Contently offers content creation and marketing services to enterprise customers.

It helps businesses become content strategists and make a unique content strategy for their organizations. Contently provides smart content solutions to companies and helps them reach their targeted audiences. It increases the traffic, leads, conversions, and revenues of businesses with a higher return on investment ROI.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are remarkable blog hosting sites for writers. They are ideal platforms for writers to create a personal blog and share posts with everyone. Blog hosting is an excellent idea for blogs to connect them with robust servers to add incredible performance. 

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