Why is First Meaningful Paint (FMP) worth more than First Contentful Paint (FCP)?

Why is First Meaningful Paint (FMP) worth more than First Contentful Paint (FCP)?

In the current era of competition over the world of internet. There is much more difficult to grab attention for lazy loading websites. As people are much more aware and they have different choices for their needs to be accomplished online. If your website is slow loading, you are losing great traffic from potential clients which can be beneficial for your online business in the long run.

Google Page Speed Insight is the tool for measuring the page speed factor of the website and assigning a percentage % value to every website depending upon its load time. It not only checks out the desktop speed of the website but also the mobile website speed to be measured as well. In November 2017, there was one more addition in the Google Page Speed Insight, which is called the chrome user experience (CRUX), which measures what is the real-world user experience in page load distribution amongst different websites.

Before we move further, I want to give some knowledge regarding how page speed works. The basic function of page speed is depending upon client-server interaction metrics, which we also called the request-response architecture. Before, the Page Speed Optimization we also need to do the server how the server renders the page on the client computer. There is one more interesting thing to note in server page rendering is the Time to First Byte (TTFB). It is the most important factor which is also interlinked with FCP-DCL (First Contentful Paint- DOM Content Loading). There are three major factors which are as follows;

  1.   First Paint:

First paint is the very first Request and Time to first paint (TTFP) of the website to the server. The server then gives a response i.e., 200 OK Server Status Code, and starts rendering the page on the client system. It is basically, the first screen which is redirecting several URLs, which are images.google.com, cdn.google.com, and fonts.google.com. So, this is Time to first Interaction with the Client with the server through a user search query.

2. First Contentful Paint:

First Contentful Paint (FCP) is the screen that shows some content in form of Text to the visitor. It is the page rendered screen which shows these things: Website Title with Favicon (Favorite Icon), Main Top-Level-Navigation (TLD), and above the fold Area of the custom website design services (without scrolling). In which the information about the website homepage and USP (Unique Selling Point) is described.

3. First Meaningful Paint:

First Meaningful Paint (FMP) is that area of the website, which shows some meaningful content to the visitor for which he has typed in the search query in the Search Engine (Google). Time also measures this to First Meaningful Paint (TTFMP) and Time to Interaction (TTI) MetricsThis is the content that serves the sole purpose of visiting the website and Visitor can even search more without having a bounce rate (Take the exit from the first page of the website without making any other interaction in 30 minutes Server Session Time)

The First Meaningful Paint is the most critical factor which must be observed while examining the page load distribution. As this is the most important factor on which most marketers and Web Developers are working hard. There are different tools like DOM Content Loader (DCL), Lighthouse Tool, Google Chrome, and Google Page speed Insight, which measure the FMP. How fast a page can render and provide the best user experience (UX) the web searcher wants in today's world?

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