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Have a look at some of the Ecommerce websites we have designed:

Custom & Robust
Ecommerce Portal

We at Web Verse Inc provide web application services that meet the industry's best practices. We aim to cater to all your needs, be it B2C (Business-to-Consumer), B2B (Business-to-Business), C2B (Consumer-to-Business), and C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer). Our experts are there to help you with all the required integrations to make your brand stand out.

Web Verse inc
Web Verse inc


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows merchants to turn their WordPress sites into online stores, as well as provide additional premium services and integration possibilities to improve the shopping cart's operation.

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Shopify's full CMS provides you complete control over the operation and presentation of your online store. Another great feature of Shopify is that it allows users to manage their stores from their mobile devices.

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Although it is also well-known for being extremely difficult to use, this platform has a number of advantages that make it deserving of being at the top of this list. Furthermore, the release of Magento 2 has elevated the platform, allowing numerous vendors to offer more effective solutions for B2B eCommerce businesses.

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Multi-store creation is a common OpenCart feature that allows the businesses to access and manage many stores from a single interface. This platform also includes eCommerce capabilities for online buyers, such as promotion/discount services, product category administration, and point accumulation.

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Web Verse inc
Web Verse inc

Fully Integrated

Our E-Commerce websites are loaded with features and functionality, providing a seamless shopping experience for the buyers. Our experts are well versed with enterprise-level integrations allowing customers to place and track their orders quickly.

How Work Process



The first step of our website design process is that the client places an order, along with their business details & the specific requirements. Once we receive the order, our team gets in touch with the client to discuss the project.



We strategize, brainstorm and discuss in great detail to avoid any confusion and better coherence in our ideas and practices. After discussing the project with the client, we identify the goals, conduct thorough research on the business, and analyze the competitors before creating a website design strategy.



Our web experts strategize UI/UX solutions to build a unique identity for the brand that helps the brand stand out. This step involves defining the layout, visuals, and graphics, followed by content creation. After testing, the site is then launched.

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with The Right Features

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Customizable Store

Content Management System allows the admin to add, edit, or remove the content and manage the inventory.

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Search Filter

Adding a search filter in the search options permits the visitor to be more specific with their search, saving their time.

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Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways offer support for different payment methods, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method.

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Easy Navigation

An easy-to-navigate store allows visitors to explore your store & learn about your products easily, reducing the site's bounce rate.

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Product Categories

Classifying the products into relevant categories allows the visitors to go to the category that has the product they are in search of.

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E-Commerce Integrations

We integrate tools like CRM, shipping integrations, payment gateways, automation integrations, and more based on the business needs.

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